Mechanical Fitting & Assembly

Mechanical fitting & assembly specialists, we do not just make parts and machines: We can also help you assemble yours. We have an 8000 sq ft workshop of which 1700 sq ft is our dedicated machining area and overhead lifting capacity up to 2T throughout the workshop.

Our pedigree comes from nearly 40 years of design & manufacture of special purpose machinery for the assembly of leaflet labels for Fix-a-Form International. From this we have automation experience in camera inspection systems, pneumatics placement devices, servo motors, hot & cold glue systems, laser, ultrasonic & mechanical proximity sensors, plus system integration of print machinery including friction feeders, sheet folders, lamination systems, rewinders & label applicators.

We have a wide range of capabilities in mechanical fitting and assembly which are equally applicable to pharmaceutical, food, conveyors, automation, packaging or medical applications, to mention just a few industries we can work with.

If you need to find excess capacity for building special purpose machinery or are looking for a company that can help build your first prototype machine, we are here to help.

Some examples of the components and assemblies we have made can be seen here in the gallery.

Mechanical Fitting & Assembly
Mechanical Fitting & Assembly
Assembly at Denny Bros Engineering